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Guns Rights Across America

Our goal is to preserve firearms freedom by coordinating political action. 

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Important News Alert!
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Gun Rights Across America 2 - Stand Your Ground Rally

Denver, Colorado

State Capitol West Side Steps

Sunday, January 19th, 2014 High noon

With corruption at every corner and our Second Amendment rights being trampled on, GRAA asks you to come out and join us.  Bring your family, signs, and unwavering American pride and peacefully assemble.  Guest speakers include:

Gubernatorial Candidates:

·         State Senator Greg Brophy – keynote speaker

·         Congressman Tom Tancredo

·         Matt Hess Libertarian

US Senate Candidates:

·         Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck

·         State Senator Owen Hill

Other special speakers include:

·         Newly elected State Senator George Rivera

·         Edgar Antillón, candidate for House District 32 and founder of Guns for Everyone

·         Attorney:  Robert Wareham

·         Ken Clark (560AM Grassroots Radio) and

·         Linda Elliot (, Appleseed Project, Elizabeth Blackwood (The Well Armed Woman), Bonnie Ryder (competitive shooter), and Chris Smith (CCW holder).

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Greg Brophy: a pro-gun Governor we can trust
VICTORY!  Senators John Morse and Angela Giron were successfully recalled and replaced by Republicans George Rivera and Bernie Herpin. 

A third Senator Evie Hudak resigned, as a result of the succeeding Recall Hudak campaign.  The Democrats didn't want to risk losing their majority in the Senate.

To all the other Democrats who ignored their constituents last session: 
"We will remember your voting record when we vote in November, 2014!"
Press conference announcing the lawsuit of 54 Sheriffs et al. v Hickenloooper, regarding anti-gun bills passed by the Colorado legislature.
Please take a moment to send a thank you note to our wonderful sheriffs who testified on our behalf.  They deserve our thanks.

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Eric Reed, founder of Gun Rights Across America, has officially endorsed Greg Brophy for Governor of Colorado.  Visit Greg's website to learn more:


First Major Success in Lawsuit Challenging New
Gun Control Laws

Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2013 16:01:37 -0600

Today the Independence Institute's federal civil rights lawsuit achieved its first major success, eliminating the problems that were caused by two vague phrases in House Bill 1224, the magazine ban.  Read more here
I encourage you to listen to or watch the legislative sessions at the Capitol online, if you are unable to attend in person. 

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